Our Services

Pampered Paws is the place for premium style and pampering.  Our full-service salon provides the finest grooming services and spa treatments to ensure that your pampered pets look and feel their very best.  We cater to all breeds (dogs & cats) and use nourishing bath and body products so your beloved pets shine.  Whether your pooch or kitty needs a full-service treatment, quick bath after a long day, haircut and style, blueberry facial or a relaxing paw soak, we guarantee that other furry friends will notice!

At Pampered Paws we believe that a healthy grooming routine is an essential part of pet care.  We offer professional grooming and spa services in a relaxing environment.  Our products and services are carefully selected and tested by the staff and our treasured furry spa members.  We bring well-groomed to a whole new level!

Our spa and grooming services are listed below.  Contact Us to schedule a consultation and/or spa & grooming appointment. 

Pampered Dog Bubble Bath

Includes a deep cleansing aromatherapy bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, blowout, fragrance and designer bow/bandana

Pampered Dog Groom

Includes all the benefits of the Bubble Bath plus a full breed-specific or specially requested full body hair cut.

Specialty Shampoo Upgrades

Whitening: Gently removes dulling buildup & brightens white coats

Color Enhancing: Magnifies the natural color of coat

Oatmeal: For use on dry, itchy & sensitive skin

Medicated: For Seborrheic dermatitis, oily & flaky skin

Spa: Vitamin enriched aromatherapy formula

Flea & Tick: Eliminate fleas & ticks with natural pyrethrins

Deep Conditioning: For all coat types

Pampered Fresh Facial Scrub

This lightly foaming blueberry and vanilla facial cleanser effectively removed dirt and tear stains (will not sting eyes).  Great for all skin types.  

Pampered Paw Treatment

Treat your pets to a respite of tranquility and splendor.  The combination of vanilla and milk thistle soothes pet's paws and leaves your pet feeling refreshed. 

Furminator Shed-Less Treatment

A specially designed formula that greatly reduces the amount of sheedding by removing the thick undercoat where dead hair and skin cells lie. 


After a grooming consultation, we will determine if your pet can be safely dematted or should be seen by a Veterinarian.  

Pampered Cat Brush

Reduce shedding and prevent matting with regular brush outs. 

A La Carte Services

Nail Trim


Ear Cleaning

Dental Cleanse (reduce plaque and freshen breath)

Sanitary Trim

Face Trim

Anal Expression

Pawdicure and Nail Polish

Just So You Know

We try very hard to not stress out or rush the animals.  We ask for a 4 hour window to get your pet done and back in your arms.  We usually stick to that schedule or even less time, but we ask for your patience with us if we end up a little bit behind.  

Saturdays are our busiest day, we have many customers who schedule their Saturdays for an entire year ahead of time so that they won't lose their appointments.  If you need a certain day, don't be afraid to book ahead.  

There is a $15 charge per pet for each missed appointment.  When someone does not show to their appointment we still have to pay our overhead and our employees.  Not only that, but another customer who may have liked that appointment misses out on the opportunity.  Can't make an appointment?  Just call and let us know ASAP!

Are we booked on the day you need?  Ask to be put on our cancellation list!

Questions? Please feel free to call or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Pampered Paws.  We would love to help you in any way we can!  (732) 254-5400 

Clients receive a groomer consultation prior to the appointment to determine the state of the pet's coat.  Prices may vary due to matting and coat condition.  Boarding for more than 4 hours is not included.  The cost to board 4+ hours is $10 per 30 minutes over 4 hours.  

Gift Certificates- Want to a pamper a pet with a gift certificate?  Pampered Paws gift certificates are great for any occasion you want to celebrate your furry 4-legged loved one.